You are loved.


You know you are tired.

Long day you had.

Reached late for the meeting and laptop crashed.

The presentation was a disaster and the boss scolded you.

All the things you knew were right, suddenly turned against you.

Reached home and there you see, the pretty lady waiting with glee.

“You’re finally home” she says cheerfully.

You forget all the stress and the face lights up suddenly!

“I made you’re favorite food tonight, Go freshen up quickly.”

“Thanks Ma, you’re the best” I said.

Forgetting the whole day’s tragedy!


Perfect Melody.




It was quite around, a perfect solidarity.


And they danced all night, on the silent melody.


Random Musing.


I’m not a Saturday night out, Sunday late morning person.

I’m not work by the day party by the night person either.

I’m a Wednesday afternoon, quite brunch.




I’d rather stay at home and enjoy the company of my books, than go to a pub and feel suffocated in the crowd.

I’m not as silent as the morning breeze, neither am I a storm, I’m the wind that you feel in your hair when you past through the countryside.

I’m not a diet cola, sugar free kind of a person; I’m a double scoop vanilla ice cream with extra chocolate sauce kinds.

And you maybe not be like me, and it’s completely fine.

But you know what’s not fine?

To not be you. 

Love at first bite.



So Mohit landed up at Dave’s Deli again. He and his friends had been regular there, so much so that they knew each and every server by his/her name.

It was 9:00 pm.He sat at one of his favorite spots, the 2 sitter table with the amazing view of the garden in front of the café.  Vishnu usually came to take his order.

“Hello Sir” said an unfamiliar voice. “Menu.” She said with a smile, and placed the menu card on the table.

Being a frequent visitor he had never seen that girl here before.

“New here?” he asked curiously.

“I’m sorry sir?” she said puzzled.

“Yea I’m assuming you’re new here. Given you gave me the menu card. I always have Italian on Wednesdays. And always order Bruscheta and Lasagna with white sauce- I forgot it’s name, whatever it was” he said irritated.

He was pissed off after the heated argument he had with his boss, that evening.  When all his week’s hard work went unacknowledged by the boss who scolded him for a tiny mistake.

Instead of apologizing for not knowing her regular client she said “Same thing every week?”

“Yes. Is there are a problem?” Mohit asked still irritated.

“No sir, but I’d recommend…”

“Did I ask what you would?”

“No sir.” She said like a kid whose candy had been snatched from his hand.

Then mohit remembered how he was pissed from his boss and he was kind of doing the same thing.

“I’ll get your order sir” she said. All the excitement in her voice had vanished away.

“Wait” he said.

“What were you recommending?”

Her face lit up again. It was not until then had Mohit seen her properly.

She was dressed like most waiters, yet she looked different and was really beautiful, he never thought of others girls as equally pretty, ok maybe he did. But she was too pretty to be a waitress.

“Crostini Della Casa and Agilo olio peperonica?” she asked.

“Surprise me!”Mohit said with a smirk.

She smiled and left.

While she left, all he could think of was how pretty she was, which was unusual given all he usually would think of his ‘How delicious his pasta/lasagna would be?’

Being the foodie he always was, everything came secondary to him, sometimes even girls.

But this was something different. And unexpected to him.

All he was waiting was for her to return so he could have a look at her once again.

Every time the kitchen door would open, he was hoping it was her.

Finally she arrived, with the recommended food. And placed the order on the table.

“Enjoy the meal sir.” She said after she had served the food.  He was busy checking her out while served.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

The food was well plated, and looked delicious. As soon as he took the first bite.

He felt as if that was the most heavenly ting he ever had. It was incredible. The pasta was amazing- tender and delicious, seasoned delicately and perfectly accompanied by the sauce. The bread on the other hand was perfectly crisp and scrumptious. With every bite he had, he longed for more.

Not for a second had he thought of or looked for the waitress again.

He knew he was in love, yet again.

Of course, with the food.


-The LazyyBlogger

The cafe.

Rhea was the last one to arrive; her friends were sitting at the usual place.

“So, for a change I’ll scold her for being late” Amey laughed. Rhea never left a chance to shout at anyone who was late, she had always hated it.

“Oh come on, she’s always on time. Once a while someone can be a bit late.” Sanchi said defending her best friend.

“But it’s half an  hour since we are waiting, and she isn’t picking up her phone also.” Rahul was worried “She never ignores anyone of our calls.”

“She must be driving. Give it a rest you guys! So, who else will share the Oreo shake with me?” asked Vikram at his hungry best.

“What’s the point? You’ll end up drinking the whole of it anyways!” mentioned Sanchi. Everyone ended up laughing.


“Sorry sorry sorry” Rhea had finally reached. “I completely forgot and ..” she stopped talking mid way to have a glimpse of the lady who was sitting adjacent.  She found it unusual the way she was looking at all of them.

“What’s up with her?” she asked in a low tone.

It wasn’t until she pointed out that anyone had made a note of her presence.

“She looks like the mystery lady in the movies, who turn out to be a ghosts at the end.” Vik said.

“Shut up Vik! Stop dragging horror movies into everything.” Malvika said, she had always been terrified of such movies.

“What if she is?  ”

“But she’s not. Chuck her. What’s for snacks ? ” Malvika said.

Everyone got back to ordering and gossiping.

An hour or so later, they called for the bill.

“Vik you better contribute this time. Kanjoos!” Rhea said.

“Vey, I always pay..But today Rahul will pay my share” Vik said and turned to Rahul.

“Please dude! ” he told Rahul.

“I pay all the time like my dad’s a freaking Ambani” Rahul was crisp in replying.

Just when the two were arguing the waiter came, but surprisingly not with the bill.

It was a letter.

Sanchi took it and read. (It read something like)

 Dear kids,

It was so pleasing to see you all sitting together and having fun. Fighting and gossiping. It reminded me of my son.

I lost him 3 years ago in a crash. If he were alive, I’m sure he would have been around your age and probably enjoying too.

I just payed your bill thinking I would have given him money, if he wanted to go out with friends.

Lots of Love.

All of them were left stumped.