With vacation heating up, its only boredom that sticks around.. I’m not saying that cool midnight breeze, ice candies and shorts are a myth but its not that every day turns up to be that perfect summer day you have been dreaming about the rest of the year.

Most of the days are filled with boredom because with the head hitting sun around, you wouldn’t like to roam around in the city (Trust me, I’ve tried it!).
And music, movies (yes, the long list of movies that you have made to watch in the vacations) and internet will become oh-so-boring within a week.

I thought, instead of aimlessly browsing the net, writing something not just on any current issues or just a random thought, would be a better option, not only would it help in clearing my head (which is filled up with all kinds of random, weird, stupid and what-not type of thoughts) it might just help me organize the way I think and I might just be able to write things which i generally don’t say

..So blogging it is!

Until next post,

Me-The lazy blogger 


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