Sometimes, the people we surround ourselves with have a lot of impact on us. Be it our family or our friends. We constantly live- fighting the battle of expectations.

Somethings that the want us to do, a particular way we should react to a situation, having an opinion just like theirs , but why should you do such a thing?!

Some say out of love, some say out of respect but I don’t get the point!

There is a very famous quote that say:
” Why fit in, when you are born to stand out”  

At times it become very important to do what you feel like is right, some people’s feeling might get hurt or they may stop talking to you is what you think? Well then if people don’t know how to accept the individualism in you, let going of them is the best option. Its any day a better option to be YOU than be anyone else. 

So, believe in your choice and thoughts, stop living your life on someone else’s terms.

Its time to let it go.. 


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