Why write??

3 hours..2 coffees and I have lost the track of the number of songs I listened to…

I had been lazy (read very lazy) enough to write a blog, there has been quite a few incidents in the past few months, which made me think that I should write about them, but my biggest problem of procrastination came in the way..

Various things had happened with/around me which inspired me to raise my voice on.. Met new people (totally weird kinds), all the mixed feelings I had and the unexpected situations I overcame.. Lots to write.. but again.. the Laziness ..

I thought, “Why write about it anyway? Just ‘coz I created a blog ages back?”

But then, I realized that there was a certain kind of happiness I got out of it, its like “If you can’t say it, blog it” kind of feeling..Only a few will understand that..

And somewhere down the line I realized that I also wanted to help/motivate or mere inspire someone in any little way I could, just the way I get inspired when I read any blog.

So, here’s to blogging.

P.S: I swear i’ll try my level best to keep this blog alive, for my own happiness :P
 No matter the genre, ‘coz I can’t be stereotyped ;)