Hidden in my cupboard is a secret box.
It has no chain or a hidden lock.
Like the diagon alley, it transforms the place into a magical land.
A place with snow, a place with sand
Whenever I’m low, my mood it transforms,
It’s gives me a new viewpoint, things suddenly take different forms!
It’s my partner in crime.
Now and hopefully afterlife,
For people it might just be a camera,
For me it’s my life!


Now that exams are here…

Today I had a sudden shock of my life, when I realized that I have my exams in 20 freaking days and with Diwali on the head, I wouldn’t even count them as 20 So I thought I had to write a note to myself but then I came to know that there are so many people going through the same state of mind :P

So here it is for people like us …

Exams. The word is like a icy cold water being splashed on you while you’re sleeping carefree with your favorite blanket. Yea, that bad.

The sudden realization of it’s arrival is like a *PANIC* button being activated but, the first thing you need to do is CHILL!!like literally. It’s ;like there is no point in panicking, infact you’ll spoil more time like that.

Secondly but the most distractive element of them all INTERNET. 
I’m in no manner saying that stop using the net, but just try to fix time intervals for using it. Remind yourself that all the amazing sites, fabulous fashion blogs and Facebook, will still be there even after your exam. And honestly, you’ll not die without it. You could also try and study away from the room of your computer or give you cell phone/laptop to your parents, Trust me, it works.

You’ll suddenly start loving all the serials [including the saas-bahu dramas] on TV, blogging, reading [yes, I am referring to the novel you brought ages ago], or even the old stuff scattered around your study area.

But all you need to do is think, 

About the fact that its just 2 weeks of study [that too not the whole of them], think about all the money your parents spent on you, Yes, it’s very senti but the thought does work. 

And the worst problem of all, PROCRASTINATION, well it’s a bitch, try and avoid it or you’re definatly dead, and how to overcome it, SIMPLE, Call up your most nerdy friend and ask what all they did NOT study, it will be enough for you to get scared and you’ll be in your toes in no time.

I guess, that’s enough of gyaan from me, I need to start studying :P

Happy Studying.. if that’s even possible.. But it’s no harm trying :)