“The old dusty diary”

Alright, i’m back.. and this time with an experiment :D
I’m starting a new series of post called “The old dusty diary”.

It will consist a few issues relating to people, around us.. but most issues which we often face but don’t talk about in general. Or well I don’t at least.

The Lazyy blogger 


Yes I’m afraid. 

Of the decisions that will go wrong. 

Of the people taking me for granted. 

The feeling of being alone, being unwanted.

Yes I’m afraid. 

Of the times when the hard work doesn’t pay off. 

The time when everything turns grey. 

Vulnerabilities surround you, and you become the prey.

Yes, I’m afraid. 

Of losing grip. 

The time when hope fails. 

And faith takes a flip.

But it’s a this time of mine,

It’s the light within that shines.

When you know,being afraid isn’t an option. 

And that’s when you’re life will move in the right direction.