Wanderlust ˈ(wɒndəlʌst/)  – A strong desire to travel.


“Travel is the only thing that you buy which makes you richer.”

I’ve always loved to travel.

By different modes and to different places. To far away cities and the nearby villages.

‘Anywhere and everywhere’ was always the top of my bucket list. Still is.

It’s not just the enthusiasm that I have before leaving a particular place that happens to be the reason that I love it so much but it’s also that amazing experience that you have from it. It’s something that cannot be bought.

You’ll say that you need money for it, so how can it not be brought?  I’d still say it cannot be.

No one can buy the happiness of feeling the cool breeze of the ocean, neither can they get you the warmth you get from sipping your hot coffee in the mountains. You can sure see the pictures and admire their natural beauty from magazines. You can also watch travel shows, Wikipedia might also help.

If that’s what you think, think again.

Nothing beats the awesome feeling you have when you finally order a correct meal in the land where they don’t understand your language; neither can you understand the helplessness you feel when you lose your people in a crowded place, where you left for sightseeing. But, that’s the very part of travelling that will enrich the tour and thus in the end, make it all worth.

Meeting new people, listening to new music, eating delicious new food and the seemingly endless memories, that is what you’ll treasure for life.

Not only will you learn new things, but become better at what you used to be. Now that’s something I can’t explain.

Oh, and you know the best feeling?
That’s when you’re back from your amazing trip and  awesome memories, you’ll realize the importance of your house, your people and all things you take for granted.

Now you know why travelling is always on my mind?

-The Lazyy Blogger.


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