Close Call.

Another short story.


So, it was Diwali in 4 days and the excitement in me grew like never before. I had never been so glad about Diwali when I was back in my hometown; guess these things suddenly become important when you are miles apart. But the best thing was that in less than 24 hours, I’d be home. Although I still live in the same county, Chennai felt like it was a part of a different county altogether. Especially when you compare it with Baroda. So I was all set. Came early from my office, bought a few gifts on the way almost done with the packing and answered my mom’s call thrice. Yes, that would be an unusual thing, given I never get a chance to speak to her more than once when I’m working. She was happier than I was. I was going to be back after 6 months. My roommate, Shri had been bugging me and constantly reminded me about getting her the yummy theplas my mom had sent the last time around. The flight was at 23:00 and I had to reach the airport by 21:30 (approx 75 mins early to board a domestic flight) I felt bad for Shri, who couldn’t get her holiday leave approved and had to stay back instead of going to Nagpur for Diwali. I decided to treat her, Italian (her favorite), so we left for Little Italy.  We had our dinner and Shri went to got into the car and just then my phone rang. It was mom. Again. Reminding  to leave so that I wouldn’t be late. Next thing I heard was a crash sound.  Even before I could think, I saw Shri bang her car into the truck passing by. Leaving a huge dent on her car and blood was flowing from her forehead. She had banged her head on the steering wheel.

My mind was torn. I had to reach the airport, but I couldn’t leave Shri alone at the hospital, although my other friends said they were on their way and they would take care of her. I just couldn’t leave.just then the doctor came with a list of medicines and broke my chain of thoughts.  I left for the medical store.

It was phone rang, it was from home. Damn, I thought, I had forgotten to call home to tell them what had happened. I answered the phone,

“Riya?!” It was dad, sounding totally confused and panicked and worried.

“Dad?” I replied bewildered.

“Oh thank god you’re alive!” “It’s her, she’s fine” I heard him tell it to people at home.

“What is..” before I could complete my mom had taken over the phone from dad

“Are you ok?  Where are you? Is everything alright?” She was crying.

“What is happening??” I asked after I couldn’t understand the whole reason for panic. I haven’t even told them about shri’s accident I thought.

“They showed it on TV. Ritu aunty from Ahmadabad called to inform” she said still panicking

“That flight IC107 from Chennai to Ahmadabad had crashed soon after it took off.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. Almost went blank for a moment.

“I..I..missed my flight…” was all I could say.

“And thank god for that” my mom said with a breath of relief.

“Shri met with a minor accident, so I took her to the hospital and missed my flight.” I said recovering myself a bit.

Close call I thought. Very close call.

-The Lazyy Blogger.


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