If Only


After snoozing my alarm for which I thought was the second time, I check the time. 9:00. I was late. Late for the meeting at 10:00, and I had to travel for half an hour. If only mom was home I thought. So, I quickly grab the only ironed shirt in the wardrobe. And yesterday’s trousers hanging in the bathroom peg. If only had I skipped yesterday’s match. If only I had woken up early. If only there’s not much traffic on the way.  If only. I look at the watch again, 9:10.’I should really get going to the station’, I thought. Took my file and left. A small run, a turn here and a dodge here, avoiding any crash I moved forward in a hurry. But *crash* and I bumped into someone. All the papers on the floor

Great” I said.

I hastily drop to my knees and pick up every sheet while breathing, “Shit” multiple times. I notice that the girl who bumped me is helping in picking up the papers. Looked at my watch again.

9:25. “Need to rush.”  I reminded myself.

“Thanks” I said to the girl who helped.

But as soon as I saw her face, I almost dropped the file again.
I was stumped.


All the memories came rushing to me.
All the words.
All the promises.
All the lost love.

The conversation played in his mind.

“I’ll always be there for you Rhea, no matter what.”

I couldn’t believe that I was really looking at her right now. It seemed too good to be true. Five years had passed. And after that long time, here we were again, looking at each other, observing if this is really true.

“Hi Arun, nice to see you” she said.
“Good to see you too” I replied, still recovering from the shock.

I can sense the awkwardness the situation has formed. What had ended on a bitter note, had led to this.
My phone rings. I ignore it.

“Long time, how have you been?” She asked, I could still feel the agony of the past in her voice.
“ I’ve been alright.” I was still lost for words.
My phone’s starts ringing but I don’t respond to it.
“Looks like you’re still busy” she smiled. That wasn’t the first time she said that. Just in a different manner this time along.

My phone starts ringing. I pick it up. It’s from the office.
“I’m on my way. Just 10 more minutes.” I say.
Call ends.

“Rhea, it was really nice running into you, it’s just that I have a really important meeting right now. So..umm.. can we catch up sometime later?” I asked, not knowing what to accept as an answer.

“It’s alright Arun. Maybe some other time, when we accidently bump into each other again.” She said. Smiled me a goodbye, and left.

I left too. Thinking, “If only things had been different.”

– The Lazyy Blogger.