December of the Not-so-Rich and Infamous.

Yay!!! It’s December!!! :D

So it is the end of the year, the happy cheerful spirits all around. The time for reunions and meeting friends.

Every other person is excited either about going to this awesome party at the end of the year, or the trip they are going to take. Our facebook feeds and instagram are already flooded with either their shopping pictures or status updates on the days they are counting till they’ll party their heart out or how they can’t wait to reconcile with old friends or other rich brats to just booze their night away.

Now, if none of the above sentences had any relevance to you, well then congratulations!

You’re officially the part of the Not-so-Rich and Infamous club.


This club is a just a virtual one consisting of people like us with no plans or money. (In most of the cases, both)

It’s not a very sad thing like you think, you know? (Ok, well it is.) But, that’s no reason to spend the year end crying. Here are 10 ways to rescue the new year’s from being as dull and boring as it could get.

1.Watch old movies:

Yes, the old black and white ones, the mushy cheesy ones, or the horror ones. A perfect way to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with yourself :)

  2.Dance on loud music:

Go to your playlist. Select all the loud party, crazy song. Hit play. Screw everyone else.

3.Read a great book:

There is no better company, then that of a good book. Well, actually there is but since there is no one around, you have no choice.

     4.Cook for yourself:

There’s food. Nuf said.

5. Spend the savings:

Yes, the ones you’ve been saving since a while. All the Diwali cash or the rakhi gift hampers. Time to spend them all. Go ahead. Pamper yourself. You’ve been good this year, you deserve it.

6.Write or paint:

Everyone has their own way of escapism. Be it writing or painting or anything else. Hobbies are great getaways.

7.Television shows:

Well at least it’s better to watch the award shows or the New Year’s performances they show on TV.  It’s better than cribbing in your room about being bored at home.

 8.Call up family members- specially older members:

When was the last time you called your grandparents or your uncles and aunts for no reason?What better than new year’s?

9.Act as if it’s just another day:

It’s a holiday mid week! What’s better than this? Go catch up on the missed hours of sleep.

  10.Social networking sites.

When everything fails, there’s always social media. Trust me; you’re not the only one who’s alone at New Year’s Eve. Go online chat your night away. Or whatever. Not that anyone cares :P

Anyway, Have fun! Untill next year!

– The Lazyy Blogger.