Because it’s Monday and we need that motivation.. So, from now on every Monday will be a #MotivationalMonday :D


Dear Mom.

Dear mom,

You are always the one running behind me to eat,

while I’ve been roaming around the whole day.

You always warn me to carry an umbrella,

so that I won’t fall sick.

You always put in a extra effort to make something different,

hoping I might like it.

You always advice me how things are to be done,

even when I’m stubborn enough not to listen.

You always love me,

even when I fought with you over the silliest of thing.

You always make sure my smallest wish is fulfilled,

even when you don’t go buy the saaree you wanted since a long time.

You understand what I want,

even when I say “Mom, you won’t understand”

You’re always there, no matter what.

All I want to say is I love you the mostest even if I do say it often.